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அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழக மறு மதிப்பீடு முடிவுகள் 2020

COE1 Revaluation Result Updates For Nov/Dec 19 Anna Univ ODD Sem Exams | AU November/December 2019 Revaluation Result Dates

In this Post, Checkout Complete Details about அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழகம் மறு மதிப்பீடு முடிவுகள் 2019 - நவம்பர் / டிசம்பர் மறு மதிப்பீடு முடிவுகள் UG PG சமீபத்திய செய்திகள்  Anna University Nov/Dec results were announced, Students who are not satisfied with their Results can apply for revaluation. Procedure to apply for revaluation results is given below. Students should apply for revaluation within the given date and time as told by the Anna university. we request students to check to get detailed information regarding the last date to apply for revaluation results 2020.

அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழக மறு மதிப்பீடு முடிவுகள் 2020

அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழக மறு மதிப்பீடு முடிவுகள் 2020
Revaluation Result Updates For 2020 Anna Univ even Sem Exams
அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழக மறு மதிப்பீடு முடிவுகள் விண்ணப்பிக்க கடைசி நாள்
After the release of Anna University Results 2020 UG PG Results, students who have got low marks and who were not satisfied with the results, Now can apply for Revaluation. 

Anna University Revaluation Results Updates 2020

In this post Check out the latest updates on COE1 Anna University Revaluation results 2020,
Anna University Revaluation Results Revaluation Results
அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழகம் பரீட்சை முடிவுகள் (UG/PG)Check Updates
Anna University Revaluation Results (UG/PG)Announced
அண்ணா பல்கலைக்கழக மறு மதிப்பீடு நடைமுறை[Check Here]
Last Date To Apply For Phase 104-02-2020
Last Date To Apply For Phase 2Check Below
Anna University Revaluation Result Date 2020
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EVEN Sem Anna Univ Revaluation result's 2020 - Latest News

Anna University Revaluation result's 2020 ODD Semester - Last date to Apply 

29 Jan 2020 - Kind Attention: Nov/Dec 2019 Examination Results UG/PG/PHD Published.Last date for Students applying for Photocopy 04-02-2020.

How to Check coe1annaunivedu 2020 Odd Semester  Revaluation results?

Step 1: Now visit students portal 2020.
Step 2: In coe1 Homepage enter you REG-NUM, Date Of Birth, Solve Simple Captcha and Click on Login Button.
Step 3: Now click on RESULTS TAB. Here in Results Tab, You can check your 2020 Semester revaluation.results along with the GPA for that semester. 
Step 4: If you need the paper copy of your result, then You can easily take print out of the results from the portal itself. 

Anna university Revaluation result 2020 FAQS

[Q] What is the procedure for applying Anna university Revaluation?
[A] Revaluation consists of 2 phases, 1st one is for applying Photocopy of your answer sheet and Phase 2 is applying for correction. You can check the procedure details here.
[Q] After how many days revaluation results would be published?
[A] When you applied for Phase 2, the correction process usually takes 10 - 15 days and results would be announced after 20-25 days.
[Q] What does "NC" mean?
[A] NC = No-change (i.e) Same Grade as main semester results. 
[Q] After getting NC what can i do?
[A] If you were not satisfied with Annauniversity Revaluation results, you have 2 ways. 
(1) You can clear the subject during semester examinations [or] 
(2) You can apply for Review/Challenge.
NOTE: Review/Challenge fees would cost "3000rs" per Subject.

Anna University revaluation result date for 2020

Anna University Latest Revaluation Procedure

The evaluation procedure follows two stages, First students want to apply for the Photocopy by paying 300 Rs after getting the photocopy if there is any possibility to get extra marks due to errors in valuation, total mistake, etc.. Can apply for revaluation by paying 400rs finally. You can check the full complete Procedure for Applying Anna University Revaluation Here.